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F30D / F30H 18 Gauge brad nailer

* Strong & light weight die-casting aluminum body
* One piece driver blade
* No WCE
* F30H with light Nylon magazine


Weight2.38 lbs1.9 lbs
Dimension10x2.3x7.1 inches9x2.2x7.1 inches
Nail Range3/4"~2" in length3/4"~2" in length
Nail Capacility100 pcs100 pcs
Nail Type18 Gauge, Smooth, Galvanized18 Gauge, Smooth, Galvanized
Operating Air Pressure60-100 psi60-100 psi


l  Crafts
l  Paneling
l  Furniture
l  Staircase
l  Interior / Exterior finish and trim