HCN57P / HCN90P Coil Nailer

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HCN57P / HCN90P Coil Nailer

* Light weight and well balanced with magnesium body.
* Muffled, top 360°adjustable exhaust deflector.
* Adjust knob for either sequential or contact trip fire.
* No mar rubber tip device.
* Anti-dry fire mechanism
* Depth-of-drive adjustment to match application.


Weight2.35 kgs3.5 kgs
Nail Range25~57mm in length, 2.1~2.5mm diameter
50~90mm in length, 2.5~3.33mm diameter
Nail Capacility300~350 pcs225~300 pcs
Nail Type15° wire collation15° wire collation
Operating Air Pressure70-120 psi70-120 psi


l  Framing & sheathing
l  Decking
l Subflooring
l  Strapping & siding
l  Pallets / pallet repair
l  Crate & box assembly